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COVID-19 and the future of Thrasher Coffee

Since Thrasher Coffee took a stand for President Trump and conservative values in 2018, we’ve faced incredible opposition. Personal hit pieces were written against me in liberal rags like Paste Magazine.

Leftwing trolls, who never bothered to try our coffee, teamed up to lower our Google ratings.

Big Tech has systematically censored us, even shutting down various accounts over the past 2 years.

Our original location was even forcibly closed by county officials last year because of a neighbor who suddenly took affront to our business that had been there over 4 years!

Despite all of this, however, we have much for which to be thankful. We’ve received an incredible outpouring of support from fans like you who purchase our coffee on a regular basis.

We were eventually able to open our conservative cafe in downtown Hiram, GA, in December and it’s been a huge hit locally. We’ve hosted several fundraising parties for local conservative politicians.

PBR (Professional Bull Riders) specifically reached out to us and asked Thrasher Coffee to become their official sponsor. Just last week a radio station in Connecticut interviewed me about our cafe and my book, Would Jesus Vote For Trump? co-authored by my good friend Doug Giles. In fact, Doug’s original pro-Trump artwork hangs proudly in our cafe!

We’ve experienced the highest highs and lowest lows, but now we are facing what may prove to be our most difficult challenge of all time: COVID-19’s economic fallout.

Due to concerns about spreading the virus and overwhelming our healthcare system, people spent their extra cash on toilet paper and soap. They’re at home, not out and about shopping and enjoying their local coffee shops. In fact, this morning my family even participated in our Church service by livestream, rather than attend in person. Thankfully, we can worship God from home, even if it’s just not the same as being with others.

Imagine what this is doing to small businesses like local shops and restaurants.

The owners and the staff are taking a huge financial hit. Now we are in the same boat.

Because we love our fellow Americans and want to keep them safe, we made the difficult decision to close our cafe to the public at the recommendation of our President and other elected officials.

The financial impact on Thrasher Coffee has already taken its toll.

But it’s not too late.

We are humbly requesting that you, our loyal fans and customers, consider placing significant coffee orders to help make up for the lost sales in our cafe. If we cannot keep the cash flow going during these “stay at home” directives, we will be forced to close our doors to the public for good. I hate even putting those words in writing, but I believe I must.

It’s not like me to focus on the negative. On the contrary, I am very optimistic about the future of our country and our economy. But I am concerned about the short-term impact on small businesses like Thrasher Coffee. We can’t continue without your support.

The purpose of this note is to let you all know our status and give you the opportunity to help us power through these uncertain times. After all, there’s nothing like the power of conservative coffee coursing through your red-blooded American veins!

Will you give us some love and stock up on coffee the way most Americans stocked up on toilet paper? Or even consider making a donation? Every dollar goes a long way.

Brandon Vallorani

Author Brandon Vallorani

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