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“When there is plenty of wine, sorrow and worry take wing.” – Ovid 17AD

A unique journey in the rediscovery of a classic wine of the Piceno valley, AVORA comes from a passion for tradition and quality of the grapes. Piceno in the Avora denotes land facing north-north / east, then exposed to the sea breeze which cools the vine. AVORA is a unique wine, where tradition and innovation marry to create an exceptional and essential white wine, well-suited to seafood, seasoned cheese, and cold cuts of meat.

  • Color: straw yellow with green-gold reflections
  • Bouquet: Of considerable complexity, fragrant, floral and fruity notes can be traced back to citrus fruits and pome fruits then mineral and aromatic herbs nuances emerge
  • Taste: balanced taste with excellent freshness reinforced by mineral hints and balanced by soft components finishes long, sapid and citrusy.

Manufactured by Passerina grapes, harvested by hand after careful selection, this wine ferments and matures on the lees for at least 16 months in French oak Tonneau 350 liters. After bottling ZACCARI is left aged for at least 6 months in the bottle in a temperature controlled environment. ZACCARI is the nickname that accompanies the family for over 5 generations.

  • Color: golden yellow
  • Bouquet: intense and complex, fragrant, toasted and citrusy notes
  • Taste: Great structure, balanced by an excellent freshness, reinforced by fruity and mineral hints and balanced by soft components.

POLISIA is a unique red wine which combines structure and elegance, the result of a weighted bland between Sangiovese and Montepulciano, the most common grape varieties in central Italy. Experience the aromas and flavors that evolve to make POLISIA unique. The name comes from the traditional local legend of Polisia, the daughter of the local pagan governor who converted to Christianity against the laws of the era. Fearful for her life, she escaped to the Monte Ascension where legend has it she guards the valley from harm. POLISIA will exceptionally suit any red sauce, meat, or hard cheese.

  • Color: ruby ​​red with violet reflections
  • Bouquet: fine, complex, distinct notes of red berry fruit due to sour cherry, notes of violet and spicy nuances
  • Taste: harmonious and elegant, with a good structure and velvety tannins with persistent aftertaste of red fruits and liquorice.

The aroma of the best grapes of Sangiovese and Montepulciano are given complexity from aging for 14 months in French oak barrels, making KONÉ the most prestigious expression of the territory. KONÉ, Rosso Piceno Superiore DOP has a unique ability to combine strength and elegance, and exceptionally complements grilled meat.

  • Color: intense ruby ​​red with violet reflections
  • Bouquet: very complex, notes of red berry fruit and liquorice with nuances of spices, chocolate and leather
  • Taste: robust but elegant tannins, with excellent persistence, and an aftertaste of red fruits with spicy notes, liquorice, chocolate.
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