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ForbesBooks: Why You Should Never Apologize for Your Work, by Brandon Vallorani

By February 12, 2018In the Press

In college, I received one special piece of advice from a professor that has stayed with me throughout my life as an executive and an entrepreneur.

He told me to never apologize for my work.

During my second year in the university’s graphic design program, my fellow students and I were given the opportunity to compete in a contest to create the new logo for First Community Bank. In addition to designing the logo, we were required to present our design to the bank executives and deliver a printed style guide to ensure the proper use of our logo. Weeks of research, brainstorming, sketching, and producing a compelling and professional case for my logo were required.

When the big day finally arrived, our professor coached us, “Don’t start your presentation off with excuses. ‘I was up late last night.’ ‘I’ve been busy with my other classes.’ ‘I’m not sure I did this how you wanted.’ ‘This is not my best work.’ Don’t make excuses. Just deliver it.”

It sounds simple, but it is truly great advice. READ MORE

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